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Purchasing this hoodie is deeper than money in the pocket. This is an investment for me and you. When you're seen in this specific hoodie you've joined the tribe, CHIEFY TRIBE! We're ready to push the limits, and take this further. For everybody supporting Chiefy Tribe with pushing the music, merch, videos, and more it's all love and we're growing. I want to make my hood grow, your hood grow, your mental grow, and our lives grow. The goal is to reach 500+ hoodies before Christmas to take this music to the next level and tour. I took a break from music for a year and a half to grow and learn from a lot that was going on in my life. I've finally reached that place. I love everything about you for reading this and investing into this hoodie or even sharing it with friends & family, because it means you believe in me. I couldn't ask for anything else. I promise I won't let you down. The kid from Clifford street.

-Gueringer The 13th

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